Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming Services From the Canton Veterinarian

Pet grooming services like styling, hair cutting and nail trimming can help your pet look and feel his or her best. At your pet’s Massillon veterinarian, we offer pet grooming for pets all around the community. Our professional groomers know how to make pets feel comfortable and happy during grooming time.

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Services Offered by Your Pet’s Veterinarian

We offer a variety of services to pets in Canton and Massillon! Below are some of the most common services that pet owners request for their animals:

  • Haircut. Haircuts can help keep your pet’s hair trim and tidy. This can control shedding and will help your pet stay comfortable in the warm months of summer. We recommend hair trimming services at least once per year during the summer.
  • Nail trimming. Nail trimming helps control the length and sharpness of your pet’s nails. We know how to trim the pet nail while avoiding trimming the quick. Our nail trimming services can help pet owners protect their upholstery, flooring and their bodies from sharp pet claws.
  • Styling. Coat styling is a service that we offer to ensure that your pet will look his or her best after a brushing or after a haircut.
  • Brushing. Brushing helps thin your pet’s coat, which can prevent shedding and can also make your pet feel more comfortable when the weather is warm.
  • Shampooing and bathing. Shampooing and bathing can help keep your pet smelling fresh. We offer a variety of shampoos for pets with sensitive skin and pets with skin conditions.
  • Anal gland expression. Anal gland expression is a method of releasing the fluid from your pet’s anal glands. This prevents your pet from discharging an unpleasant odor around the home and can also prevent infection.

Reasons to Get Your Pet Professionally Groomed

All pets can benefit from professional grooming services!

  • Pets look and smell better after being professionally groomed.
  • Pets can are often more comfortable once their coat has been thinned or trimmed.
  • Older cats with stiff or painful joints benefit from professional grooming services because stiff joints can make self-grooming difficult.
  • Your pet’s professional groomer may be able to identify flea and tick infestations, which can help ensure that your pet will get the treatment that he or she needs.

When To Get Your Pet Groomed at the Veterinarian in Canton

You can get your pet groomed as often as you like, but the best time to seek professional grooming services is when your pet’s coat is too long, too matted or when your pet simply doesn’t smell very fresh anymore.

Contact Your Pet’s Veterinarian in Canton

To make an appointment for pet grooming services, contact your pet’s veterinarian in Canton at Belpar Pet Care Centre. Our professional groomers can help put your pet at ease and can ensure that your pet looks and feels his or her best. Call us to make an appointment at 330-492-8387.


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