Spay and Neuter Your Pet with Our Canton Veterinarian!

Spay and Neuter Your Pet with Our Canton Veterinarian!

Our veterinarian at Belpar Pet Care Centre offers spay and neuter services in Canton and Massillon, OH for all dogs and cats. We can even sterilize older dogs and cats that you’ve recently adopted.

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Benefits of Spaying and Neutering with our Veterinarian in Canton

One of the biggest benefits to spaying or neutering your pet with our veterinarian in Canton is helping to prevent homeless pets and pets being dropped off at shelters and rescues. The other benefits revolve around your dog or cat’s health and his or her behavior.

When you spay your female pet, you are removing the risk of uterine cancer and lowering her risk for developing breast cancer. When you neuter your male pet, you are removing your male pet’s risk of developing testicular cancer, and you are eliminating his desire to roam and find a mate. In both male and female pets, you are eliminating their desire to mark their territory and potentially reducing other unwanted behaviors, like aggression.

Sterilizing your Pet with our Canton and Massillon Veterinarian

Our Canton and Massillon veterinarian is experienced in sterilizing all sizes and breeds of cats and dogs. During your male pet’s neuter surgery, your pet’s testicles will be completely removed. During your female pet’s spay surgery, her ovaries and uterus will be completely removed.  Both of these surgeries completely remove the chance of your pet getting pregnant or causing a pregnancy.

Prior to the surgery, you will be given a list of pre-op instructions from our Canton veterinarian to help prepare your pet for his or her surgery. After the surgery, our vet will give you post-op instructions that include checking the incision for signs of infection and limiting your pet’s activity until the incision has healed.

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To schedule a pet care appointment and learn more about our sterilization services, dial 330-492-8387. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss sterilization services for you pet!


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