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Get Your Pet Groomed in Canton and Massillon!

Dog grooming and cat grooming are part of the complete services we provide at your Canton veterinarian. Pet grooming is not as simple as a mere pet haircut. That’s why it’s best to avoid the grooming "salon" and take your pet to the Massillon veterinarian. Our professional pet groomers help to keep your pet healthy. A healthy, clean and clipped coat and nails improves your pet's appearance—and can also help us note any problems with the skin, claws, teeth and ears that might require care from your veterinarian in Canton. We take care to ensure your dog or cat has a comfortable grooming experience and emerges feeling happy and looking terrific. 

Dog receiving grooming services

Advantages of Pet Grooming at Belpar Pet Care Centre in Canton

When you visit our veterinary clinic for dog or cat grooming, your pet benefits from:

Healthy skin: A matted coat can make your pet feel awful, because it pulls at the skin and can be irritating or painful, restricting movement. When your pet receives a bath and trim from our professional groomer, it keeps grime from accumulating on the skin, which could cause rashes or infection from scratching.

Healthy claws, paws and gait: When your pet’s nails need clipping, the excess length can make walking, running or climbing awkward.

A quick checkup: Canton pet grooming at your veterinary clinic can help us discover skin, ear or paw pad problems early, when they're most treatable.

Allergy prevention: Your pet (and family members) benefit from less pet dander and fur in household air, which may decrease sneezing, stuffy noses and more.

Less shedding and cleaner home: Your home is easier to keep clean when your pet is groomed often. It makes a more comfortable home for you and your pet. 

Personal attention: Pets often get anxious when visiting the vet for a pet haircut, but our professional staff helps your pet relax and even enjoy getting clean and looking great.

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