Survive Spring with Parasite Prevention in Canton, OH!

Survive Spring with Parasite Prevention in Canton, OH!

As the warmth of the spring season welcomes Canton, OH it also brings with it parasites that are harmful to pets. If you want to get a jumpstart on pet parasite prevention against fleas, ticks, and heartworms, we want to help. Here at Belpar Pet Care Centre we provide complete pet care services including pet preventative care and parasite protection. Learn how we can help your pet have a healthier spring season free of pests. 

Dog receiving parasite prevention

What Types of Pet Preventative Care are Available at My Canton Veterinarian?

As your Canton veterinarian we provide comprehensive pet preventative care. We start with a physical exam and pet medical history to determine the best route of preventative care for your pet’s current health needs. Our services include vaccinations, microchipping services, spay/neuter, pet dental care, and pet vaccines.

What is Parasite Prevention?

Parasites include heartworms, fleas, and ticks. This issue is more common in spring months as the weather warms up and animals are outside more often. To protect your pet from parasites start your parasite preventative treatment now. This gives your cat or dog the greatest advantage in warding off parasites.

What are the Best Types of Parasite Prevention for My Dog or Cat in Canton?

We recommend parasite prevention methods based on your dog or cat’s lifestyle, size, medical history, and past experiences with pest prevention. For example, a dog that works on a farm around swine and horses will need very different preventatives compared to a house cat that is never around other species of animals. We will work with you to choose the optimal preventative for your pet.

Your Massillon Veterinarian

As your leading Massillon veterinarian we offer the best of preventative care to keep your pet healthy and happy. Drs. Joe Gainey and Vedessa Meluch have extensive training working with dogs and cats. Contact Belpar Pet Care Centre of Canton and Massillon today to schedule your pet preventative care services. Ask us about our new patient special when you make your appointment at your veterinarian in Canton.


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