Does Your Furry Friend Need a Haircut This Summer in Canton?

Does Your Furry Friend Need a Haircut This Summer in Canton?

Many pets, particularly long-haired breeds, need to have their hair cut on a regular basis. As a pet owner, it’s important for you to be able to recognize when your pet needs to have his or her fur trimmed. Knowing the signs that your pet’s hair has been allowed to grow too long can help you determine when it’s time to bring your pet to the groomer this summer.

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Ways to Tell Your Pet Can Benefit From a Haircut This Summer 

As a pet owner, there are many signs that your pet needs to have a haircut, including:

  • Your pet’s fur is matted and tangled. Your pet’s fur may become matted and tangled when it grows too long. Cutting your pet’s hair can help take care of this problem.
  • Your pet’s fur has been getting caught on furniture. When your pet’s hair begins to snag on furniture and other objects in the environment, this is a sign that your pet’s fur needs a trim.
  • It’s summer and your long-haired pet seems to be hot. When the temperatures rise in summer many pets suffer in the heat. Cutting your pet’s hair can help lighten your pet's load and cool your pet down.
  • It’s been a long time since the last haircut. Some pets need to get their hair trimmed as frequently as people. If it’s been a long time since your pet had his or her hair cut, this could be a sign that your pet needs a trim.

Contact Your Pet’s Veterinarian in Canton for Hair Styling Today

As your pet’s Canton veterinarian, we provide a range of pet grooming services to pets in our community, including styling, haircuts, nail trimming and more. To make an appointment with your pet’s Canton and Massillon veterinarian, contact Belpar Pet Care Center today. Call us at 330-492-8387. We can help your pet look and feel his or her best this summer!


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