Emergency Pet Care From Our Veterinarians in Canton OH

Emergency Pet Care From Our Veterinarians in Canton OH

Belpar Pet Care Centre is committed to your pet's health and wellness. Our experienced and compassionate veterinarians in Canton OH offer a full range of services, ranging from routine exams to dental care and surgery. Whether you're a new or seasoned pet owner, being aware of some common pet emergencies can help you protect your pet and be better prepared.

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Common Pet Emergencies

There are a number of common pet emergencies that we see regularly in our animal clinic. Many of them are preventable, but some are not.

Ingestion of Poison or Foreign Object

The most common pet emergency that we see if that of poison/toxin or foreign object ingestion. This occurs when a pet eats or drinks something that is poisonous to them. Antifreeze is a common example of this, though even some "human foods" can be poisonous to dogs and cats. Chocolate is a prime example of a food that can be toxic to dogs and cats alike

Ingestion of a foreign object, such as a sock or toy, is common (especially in dogs) and can lead to a dangerous internal blockage.

Injuries From a Car

A pet being struck by a car is always an emergency. Serious injuries can occur, such as severe lacerations, broken bones, and trauma. Even if a pet doesn't appear to be injured, internal bleeding and other less obvious injuries could have occurred, so seeing a vet is always recommended.

Animal Fight Injuries

When animals get into fights, emergency care may be needed when there is severe bleeding or other major injuries. An injured pet should always be moved as carefully as possible to a pet hospital so as not to further aggravate any injuries.

Questions? Contact Our Pet Hospital Today!

Pet emergencies can be scary, but it's often possible to prevent them. If you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment with our veterinarians in Canton OH, contact our animal clinic by calling (330) 492-8387. Be sure to take advantage of our free consultation offer for new patients, too!

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